10 augustus 2018

353 days until Dodentocht.
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The 48th edition of 100 Km Dodentocht was again a big success ! Congratulations to all of you who took up the challenge, because participating is still more important than winning !


There were 1600 more participants than in 2016: a new and unexpected record! But there were also many other reasons to cheer.

Due to the terror threat, this has been a difficult and special Dodentocht. But thanks to a number of appropriate measures and a brilliant cooperation with all concerned services, we got to the start well prepared.


Therefore we would like to thank once more all authorities and all of the volunteers for their tremendous commitment. Once more it has been proven that a good cooperation is the basis and the condition for the best results !


Although we are happy to see that still more and more people appreciate our efforts we do throughout the year by participating to the 100 Km Dodentocht, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s not always easy to offer a good and secure organisation.  

This is something we have to consider in the future if we want to continue to be able to guarantee the necessary quality and security. The scheduled evaluations will bring us a new vision and might lead to a new approach, of course always respecting our unique concept.


Because, no matter how prepared we are for our 100 Km Dodentocht, the smallest detail could cause major problems. We hope, actually we count on it, and we know that our participants will show their understanding for things that sometimes might go wrong. At the same time we would like to apologize for any such problem that might occur.

But we are and remain an association of volunteers who in their spare time tries to do the utmost for all those walkers and to offer an organisation that strives to gather people in a sportive way to enjoy hiking and each other’s company.


The possible changes to our way of working are meant to keep ensuring the best service to which the big number of participants are entitled. At the same time we hope that our participants will understand the need of these possible adaptations to secure the future of the Dodentocht we all cherish.



Long live 100 Km Dodentocht !

We welcome everyone to the 49th edition on Friday August 10th 2018 !!




Gunter Vergauwen,                                                 André De Clerck,

Head Coordinator                                                   Chairman